Fury EA - Automated System

Uses a complex authorial trading strategy.
The secret to the success of our trading strategy – to follow the market maker.

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About Fury EA Trades Limited

Fury EA Trades Limited is a privately owned company, established in London, UK. With the aim of establishing an online capital management platform. We use EA (Expert Advisor) in optimizing and managing investors' capital. Robots have been proven over time and bring steady and steady profits. Revolutionary trading strategycreated from a blank leaf making it the market leader. You never can find a similar system freely available, Algorithms have a high degree of protection from decoding and copyrighted.It is based on a large number of price data analysis, find the best entry and exit points for real-time scalping system. Do not depend on the spreads and the execution speed.


Term of deposit : 1% Daily Forever (Business Days)

Principal Withdraw : Any Time After 24 Hours (Fee 5%)

Withdrawal System : Manual (Due To Security)

Min Withdraw : $0.1 PM; $5 for Bitcoin

Min-Max Invesment : $25 (With Bitcoin $100)~$10000

Affiliate PROGRAM

With our unique affiliate program you can maximize your online earnings just promoting us.

Refferal Commission - 5%

Who We Are?

Fury EA Trades Limited We are fully legit and officially registered company whose activities are regulated by the financial control authorities under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

Company No : 12563031

DDoS Guard Protection
It provides protection against DDoS attacks
of any complexity and power for all our
customers, regardless of their service plan.

News & Press Release

Fury EA ver 2.0 - Hourly

πŸ’« URL: https://furyea.com/hourly
πŸ’« You can register and earn money with hourly plan
πŸ’« Payout instantly
πŸ’« Accepted Perfectmoney
πŸ’« Members on furyea.com are not lelated members of furyea.com/hourly.
πŸ’―Ref Commission: 0.5 - 10% ⚑️
- Deposit $5-$500: 0.5%
- Deposit $500.01-$1000: 1%
- Deposit $1000.01-$2000: 2%
- Deposit $2000.01-$5000: 3%
- Deposit $5000.01-$10000: 10%
Best regard,
Fury EA Trades Limited Team.

New system payment: ePayCore

πŸ’« Today we added new system payment: ePayCore
πŸ’« Transaction fee: 0%
πŸ’― Min investment: $25
πŸ’― Min withdraw: $0.1
πŸ’« Just to to ePayCore.com register account and invest with us
Best regard,
Fury EA Trades Limited Team.